Autumn days when it’s all very pretty

It really is cold now isn’t it? I have all my jumpers out and just gaze longingly at even more jumpers online (and try not to buy them all!). And I’ve gone yet another week and not written anything about our holiday. I promise to write this week, etc etc. I really will. Honest! I keep meaning to write about our time at the Yas Marina circuit as that was one of my favourite bits. I’ll do it soon.

We spent our days off going on a nice autumnal drive around where we live. We’re surrounded by hills and farms, and places like the Yorkshire dales are really close by so a few minutes in the car and you’re surrounded by very pretty landscape. I always forget how nice it all looks when it all turns golden brown.

We rewarded ourselves with some dinner and some very nice comfort desserts. We’ve been doing far too much treating ourselves lately so I’m now trying to be good and cutting out the snacks a bit.

It’s so hard with all the millions of Christmas selection boxes that are now out but if I’m not careful then I’ll be crow barring myself into my jeans and work trousers. But look, how nice!

25 thoughts on “Autumn days when it’s all very pretty”

  1. the food looks lovely, i’ve really enjoyed autumn this year but not looking forward to winter and very pleased to be going back to Dubai next week for a bit of sun now it’s cool enough to be outdoors, look forward to reading your holiday posts. Abu Dhabi isn’t somewhere we spend much time despite only being 90 mins down the road

  2. Hi Taz, I bet the Yorkshire Dales are very pretty this time of year (when it’s not raining). It is hard to stop snacking when surrounded by so much temptation. I have t close my eyes when walking around certain parts of the supermarket. I’m surprised I’ve not been banned for accidentally ramming people with my trolley!

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