Back from Abu Dhabi

It’s been almost a week since we’ve been back a week from our holiday in the sun and everyone was straight back into school and work about a day later so it’s been a bit of a jet laggy whirlwind. I’m pretty sure we’ve not had much jet lag from previous visits to the UAE so I think it’s a combination of slight jet lag and just tiredness from the whole week of rushing about from one place to another. It was a brilliant trip… so much time to see my boys play together, how they’ve grown from our visit last year, how much I’ve changed from last year and seeing good friends makes it feel like home away home. We didn’t mean to but we crammed in more visits to sights that I thought we would and went to Legoland Dubai, Bollywood park and the Yas Marina circuit. I fully expected the last one to be not too exciting as I’m not into Formula 1 racing but it was such a good experience and I think it might have been my favourite outing.

I really did mean to write at least one post from our holiday this week but time just completely ran away with us being thrown back into real life, so I’m determined to sit down this weekend and start writing about our trip. I might need to tie up my two year old for a bit (just kidding, I would never do that. For too long). I’ve loved spamming Instagram with it all though so if you want a glimpse of it all the pop on over to there to have a peek at it. I really miss the food and sunshine and I must have made the most of it as it was a bit of a challenge on Monday to find work clothes that let me breathe properly. I’ve been good this week and eaten at least some salads. But HOW good do all the Christmas treats in the shops look? I think that’s why I’m a huge fan of it. So much nice food all over the place!

But for now…here’s a photo of Little Z looking suddenly very tall at the Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque. He’s somehow had another growth spirt and is just all limbs right now. It was noon when this was taken and the sunlight literally bouncing off the marble, making it hard to see.

39 thoughts on “Back from Abu Dhabi”

    1. Me too. I’m sure we’ve had a couple of weeks of holiday blues but we’re ok now. We might have got into christmas mode a bit 🙂

  1. I’ve loved following your photos on IG. We keep saying we’re going to take the kids one day but we’ve never quite managed it yet. Would love to visit the F1 circuit, amongst other sights.

  2. It’s always difficult getting back into the swing of things after a holiday, it sounds like you had a fantastic time though. I will have to check out your instagram. I love this photo, the stark bright white and the incredibly bright blue sky, and then your little man who does seem to be more grown up.

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