Winding down from the year with Jet2

I must go on about this every single year but I just love this time of year. In my head it’s time to start winding down and downing tools. I’m not keen on winter at all so you will see me grumbling about how cold it is or how dark it is or how the sun never seems to come up. But as soon as Christmas lights get switched on all over the place I start getting a bit giddy for holiday time. It’s the one single time of year that everyone mostly stood and has some good time off to spend with friends and family. It’s that one time of year where (some) folk for crazy with Christmas lights and presents and good food. And it’s that one time of year where people spend about a week not really knowing what day it is. Throw in Christmas movie overload and it’s just such a lovely time to enjoy it all.

Of course the weather is never great and it means we can’t seem to do much outside with the boys. So I was really pleased to get a massive hamper from Jet2 to start our December in a very nice ways. I had completely forgotten we were going to get one so it was a very nice surprise to get such a big box filled with goodies for the boys and for us. It had everything from games for the kids to food for us and lots and lots of rainy and gloomy day activities for the boys. We now have everything from mince pies to fudge to hot chocolate and very yummy Walker shortbread. We’ve also got a fun looking ginger house baking kit and games to keep us adults amused as well as the kids.

The boys had a go at putting a glittery Santa scene together and, whilst they didn’t follow too much instructions, they did a very good job with a bit of help from us. The toddler preferred using the big hamper box as a boat and licking all the stickers but at least he didn’t swallow any. Win!

And speaking of “win”, Jet2 have a fantastic daily draw going live from the 1st December.

Every day from the 1st to the 26th of December, you could be in with a chance of winning a Jet2holiday! All you’ve got to do is head to The Jet2 holidays website, correctly answer a holiday-themed question, and you’ll be entered into the free prize draw. You can also pre-register on the site to get an extra go every day so it’s well worth doing if you haven’t already. Good luck!!

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