Amazing reunions and chocolate tarts

A bunch of little girls met many many years ago when they were about 4 years old. They lived in a vey industrial urban town, just streets apart and they played together, not realising they would be friends forever.

School and college came and went and each of those friends spread their wings to go achieve the things they wanted to. Life took some abroad and some to the country, some setting out for those destinations and some not realising they would set up home there.

Through the 30 plus years, loved ones have been lost on the way and lots and lots of little loved ones have arrived. We don’t see each other every day but, when we do, it’s as if the distance didn’t happen. And that’s just what happened last weekend. The friend who now lives in sunny Sydney paid a flying visit to the not so sunny north west and so we had to have a reunion. There was a lot of good food, a lot of good talk and a heck of a lot of noise from all the kids, some of who couldn’t believe they were playing till midnight (“Is it really midnight?!”). Of course this completely threw bed time routine for days to come but it was worth the amazing catch up. We all made plans for our big girlie holiday and and dreamt of visiting Australia. It’s always really sad to say goodbye but that lasts as long as the next Whatsapp group message that then turns us all to our virtual meetings about 2 hours later to discuss the latest most important thing (like how to binge watch Stranger Things strategically around the kids).

So we’re not really distant at all. But a face to face can’t be beaten. And neither can chocolate fruit tarts.

33 thoughts on “Amazing reunions and chocolate tarts”

  1. Oh that is so lovely and so good that you’ve stayed in touch. I call that extended cousins for the kids 🙂 they did well staying up until midnight though I think I’d struggle with that

  2. Hi Taz, how lovely for you all. The sign of true friendship is being able to go months or years without seeing each other, but when you do it’s like time never passed (apart from the few extra wrinkles). Four of your five a day on a chocolate tart! Heaven sent!

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  3. Ahhh I love this post so much Tas. True friends are the ones you can go years without seeing but when you do it’s non stop chatter. And of course with social media you are never far from each other in the virtual world. So lovely that you have stayed friends all those years x
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  4. How wonderful to have life long friends like that and I love those pastries (I didn’t want to say I love those tarts, lol). Hats off to you for having the patience to cut a kiwi.

  5. Get together is always a great way to meet our friends and spend some time and revive our old memory. At present, there is no time for everyone. So, get together is a great way to enjoy the friendship.

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