The Build-A-Bear stuffing station – A review

If you have a little one that’s a fan of Build-a-bear then they might love having their own Build-a-bear stuffing station at home. We regularly have to rush both our boys past the big store at the Trafford centre as we know they’ll suddenly have a deep felt desire for yet another bear they’ve suddenly spotted from outside he shop and want to take home. We currently own a Hulk bear and a Captain America bear.

What’s included in the Build-a-bear stuffing station and the assembly

The Build-a-bear stuffing station is a miniature version of the humongous one that you see in store and comes with two bears they can stuff from scratch and some bear wool you can use over and over. There’s also some little tops you can use to dress your bears and some accessories to stylishly finish them off. There is the little heart too which is one the finishing touches at the Build-a-bear shop and once completed, you can fill in a birth certificate for them. You don’t need batteries, which is always great in our house, as the stuffing machine works using a handle you turn clockwise. Assembly is super easy and you pretty much just unpack the wool, place it into the stuffing machine and you’re ready to go.

You get two bears in pink and multi-colour, two packs of cotton wool, a stuffing station, little hearts, birth certificates and some little cardboard accessories.

Using the Build-a-bear stuffing station

We found that you need two pairs of hands when you’re building a little bear. One pair to hold the bear in place and another hand to turn the handle. I think it might be a bit difficult a young child to attempt the entire process by themselves. Older kids would probably be fine but its easier if there’s two of you sharing the work. There’s a little zip on the bear which you unzip and place onto the stuffing nozzle. You turn keep turning the handle until you’re happy you have enough wool in it. You’ll need to coax the wool in the bear about to make sure his head and limbs are sufficiently stuffed and once you’re done you can dress him (or her!). There’s enough for two whole bears and you can always remove all the wool, put back into the machine, and have another go.

Build-a-bear stuffing station

What we thought of the Build-A-Bear stuffing station

It’s a lot of fun for little kids to stuff their own bear from scratch as you don’t really get to do it in the shops so it feels like you’re creating your own bear. The recommended age range for the stuffing station is between 4 and 10 but I think it might be suitable more for 4 to 8. If you have a creative child or one who loves crafts or bears then I think they’ll really enjoy this product.

It retails around the £30 in popular toy stores and would make a really good birthday gift for a bear or creative fan. I think if they were to branch out then a bigger bear version would be great for older kids. The bears including in the build a bear stuffing station are a few inches tall so it’s perfect for playtime but you can’t cuddle them or take them to bed, for example. That’s not the intended purpose of the product but a bigger version might appeal to older kids. Overall, the Build-a-bear stuffing station is a fun product and is of good quality so you can have a lot of fun building and decorating your miniature bears.

Build-a-bear stuffing station

We received a Build-A-Bear stuffing station to review. All views and images are own

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