5 Amazing things to do in Jamaica

Jamaica is one of those places that’s been on my list to visit. An 18 hour flight from England will have you not always considering this as a place that’s kid friendly. Having read up on the amount you can do there though, I think it’s starting to become one of those places I often look up on Pinterest and dream about. And having two little monkeys under the age of 10 means that we have to consider activities that are suitable for children (as well as some without). Here’s my wishlist of my dream trip to Jamaica with children (and some activities without!)

Finding an amazing Jamaican villa

Accommodation is probably one of the first things I look at for any holiday. There are some amazing Jamaica villa rentals with a chef which means good food throughout your stay. Good views and good facilities are a must. After all, flying around the world for a relaxing holiday in an idyllic location should have an idyllic villa to complete the picture. A nice spa will always be a bonus (with no children allowed, thankfully!). We always look for kid friendly cuisine and a family friendly pool, as well as long stretches of beaches to spend some quality time together. There are always days where building sandcastles is the best thing you will do that day and a nice quiet spot will suffice for hours. I think it’s also important to bear in mind that some beaches are semi private and may not cater for children, particularly young children.

Visiting Rainforest adventures theme park

Located in the Mystic Mountains, Ocho Rios, the Rainforest adventure theme park is filled with sky explorer rides, infinity pools with stunning mountain top views and a bob sleigh ride based on the Jamaican bobsled team. It is rated as one of better theme parks in Jamaica and is situated along the Dunns River Falls so boasts some stunning views. Whilst the rainforest zip lines aren’t suitable for very young children, they are thrilling rides for older kids as well as nature loving adults and anyone

wanting to admire a mountain top view. Other activities here include mystic water slides, tranopy tours and walks around the park.

Admiring one of the many beaches

Jamaica is known for stunning beaches with its tropical Carribean climate, sandy beaches and clear blue waters. Beaches vary in their beauty, all the way from golden sands to pink sands to even black sands. Some are semi private and some are busy and bustling complete with cocktail parties so it’s easy to pick on that suits. This list of the Top 9 beaches in Jamaica gives the lowdown on where you could visit. The Seven Mile beach with its 7 miles of fine white sands would be one on my list to visit.

Visiting the Animal Farm reserve and nature reserve

Located in Montego Bay, the Animal Farm looks a family friendly nature reserve for those with a love of birds and animals. The huge gardens and open spaces make it the perfect place for little ones to burn off some good energy as well giving parents a well needed sit down down and space to chill out. The reserve is full of exotic birds and tours of both animals and the solar generating plants that are on site. The reserve hosts school trips on a regular basis so provides a huge educational and fun angle for young children (and any adult keen on renewable energy!).

Kool Runnings water park

A very cool outdoor adventure rides and water theme park, Kool runnings is a highly rated theme park with a huge variety of thrilling rides for various ages, including Go-karts, water slides, outdoor laser quests, astronaut adventures, paintball and lots of entertainment through the day. In house DJs and entertainment co-ordinators give a lively atmosphere to the day for all ages and, the younger kids can enjoy activities like hula hooping, musical chairs and dance contests.

Animal shows are put on daily showcasing the nature and creatures native to Jamaica and trained professionals are available to answer questions so a brilliant place for young inquisitive minds.

Lastly, (and most importantly) Tasting Jamaican cuisine

Jamaican culture is both colourful and vibrant and boasts some of the best Caribbean cuisine. Famed for jerk chicken, stew with dumplings, ginger beer, goat curry, shrimp, patties and so much more, Jamaican food is varied and hearty, carrying with it a zing of something such as pineapple or ginger. Whilst the younger ones may not like more of the adventurous recipes, a staple of kebabs, rice and beans along with fruit should hopefully keep even the most fussy of kids happy. You can read about at least 10 foods to try in Jamaica here. I think I’d want to try ALL the different types of fish they have as its all so different to what we get in and around England. Not sure I’d be brave enough to try the ice cold jelly coconut, but who knows!

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  1. Ah we visited when Jack was 2 for 2 weeks a then stoped on a cruise a few years later we are long overdue a trip back I just adored the Jamaican vibe, the music, people, sun, cocktails and food. I am so excited for our Caribbean trip this year those sunsets are the stuff of dreams, the somehow look better in the Caribbean x

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