Road tripping to Inverary Castle

We’re in Scotland!! We’ve been here a couple of days and we’re here for another two just exploring Argyll and, hopefully, Loch Ness tomorrow. We spent a couple of days in Edinburgh mostly pottering about and spending hours in the National museum of Scotland. I think this country may be my happy place as I always want to come back as soon as I leave, wanting to explore yet another gorgeous looking bit. I used to want to drive around it all over weeks and weeks but I’ve realised it’s much better to take it all in in small bits, you appreciate it so much more.

The huge hills are still snow capped and I think the forecast is promising a tiny bit more over the next week in the highlands. It makes it all the more stunning and pretty to drive through, although I hope it doesn’t hit or settle on the roads for obvious reasons.

We’ve spent the day today at Inverary Castle. It’s a stunning country house and boasts a massive estate around it all. Its completely stunning to see and I had no idea the Duke and Duchess of Argyll lives it in with their 3 young children. We happened to accidentally stumble into the private grounds and one of the very friendly little boys directed us the right way. It’s so rare to see a castle which is still very much a home and sometimes even more rare to see one filled with very young children.

The castle itself was built in the 1700s and restored in the 70s after a huge fire. Filming wasn’t allowed in the castle and I happened to forget my “big camera” at home so I’ve taken a bunch of iPhone pics of the inside.

Z is going through a stage of being completely uninterested in large historic buildings and was more taken with trying to find the biggest rock on the walkway up to the castle, informing me of the rock collection both he and his friends keep at school. I discovered later that he’s brought along the largest rock from his collection with us on holiday in his pocket and then asked if he could replace it with a bigger one he found on the Inverary estate. When did rocks become so interesting?

Hopefully onto Inverness tomorrow!

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  1. Ha! The boys are obsessed with rocks at the moment. We were at the Natural History Museum in Oxford on Friday and both of them bought colourful lumps of calcite to bring home with them. Hope you’re having a great time.

  2. Hi Tas, I have never been to Scotland, but imagine it to be very picturesque in places. How exciting must growing up in a castle be? I bet it doesn’t look half as cluttered as a common and garden home. I wouldn’t fancy trying to keep on top of the housework though… BTW – rocks make great pets! Me and my sister kept a few as youngsters and never had any trouble with them.

    Have a safe journey home.

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  3. It is a long way to drive to “dip in and out” . We have wandered round the grounds on our way north but not been in the castle. Don’t tend to stop there as it was quite pricey to park for a walk once you have seen it once or twice.
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