When winter is almost done

After ALL the snow we were so grateful to be back to normal this week. Glorious grey tarmac and temperatures above freezing have never felt so good. At 7 degrees, I felt like spring was well and truly here and I was almost about to go wild with short sleeves and everything. We pretty much dove into the car and escaped to the city for a change of scenery and some nice food. Winter was over.

So I was a bit speechless when it decided to absolutely chuck it down with snow, again, mid week and cause absolute chaise, again, on the motorways. It took me over two hours to do a 40 minute trip, only to find half the office had given up minutes into their journey and turn back to home. It was annoying, to say the least. But thankfully it all disappeared by about midday and deluded us into thinking that really is it now for winter and spring is on its way. Please let spring be on its way!

20 thoughts on “When winter is almost done”

  1. Hi Tas, your photo has reminded me I still have to get up and cook the rice! And dinner isn’t going to look anywhere as tasty as that… Hang in there I’m sure spring is nearly with you, 7C sounds positively balmy (yeah, right?), that is a temperature that makes me shiver just thinking about it!

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  2. Your food looks tasty! I agree, winter needs to be over now, but then we will have not excuse to indulge in comfort foods an salad will be making an appearance again. oh, and I really don’t like BBQs! give me nice hearty winter food any day x

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