When food makes things better

It’s been a loooong loong week. I’m pretty sure I say that most weeks but this has had multiple funerals in it, which was a bit draining. It’s funny how sometimes they come along like busses, obviously the are the worst kind of bus one would want arriving. Still, I guess these things have to be endured and it’s nice to at least pay ones final respects and try to offer some kind of condolence to family and friends.

With so much going on, we did what we do best and take the nieces and nephews out for dinner and it was much needed. I think I am one of “those” people; the one that feeds people in times of sadness and crises and the one who offers to put the kettle on because a nice cup of tea is always very soothing isn’t it? Of course it doesn’t fix anything, but it does offer a tiny bit of solace at stressful times. Routine went out of the window for a good few days but it didn’t really matter too much. I think we needed it (and ice cream always tastes better when you shouldn’t be having it!).

And it wasn’t all bad. It’s so lovely to see so many new babies in the world of both friends and family. There are so many due around this time. I’ve counted 4 new gorgeous arrivals so far and have two more to go, imminently. I need to make it round to them for baby cuddles.

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  1. I’m so sorry you have had to endure such sad times, my condolences.
    Food does help and that ice cream looks totally amazing, I wouldn’t be able to choose just one flavour.
    It’s lovely to hear that you are surrounded by new babies too, I long for some new babies in my life, I don’t seem to know anyone personally who is pregnant or has a new baby. If I’m honest, i long to be a grandma, but I think I have a long wait as my eldest have decided against having children.
    I hope next week is better and brighter for you x

  2. A difficult week – and ice cream always seems to be the perfect solution to soothe all one’s troubles, doesn’t it? I’ve never actually tried it but I’m always fascinated by the look of that blue bubblegum ice cream – in Italy the call it ‘puffo’, which is basically ‘Smurf’. 🙂

  3. What a difficult week for you… along with a nice cup of tea I too would turn to chocolate and ice-cream. I’ve not tried Bubblegum flavour though. I’ll have to add this to my list. Let’s hope that you can relax and enjoy the next few weeks.

  4. Hi Tas, I’m sorry to read that you’ve been having a bit of a tough week, funerals aren’t much fun. You sound like my Mum, she likes to feed people and doesn’t need much of an excuse either. I’m really not sure about that rather nasty looking blue ice cream, please tell me it’s only for show?… I hope this week is much better for you.

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  5. I am sorry you have had such a sad week. I know what you mean about food though, I love to cook for people to help make them feel better, or to make them have a nice time! 🙂 x #sundayphoto

  6. Sorry to hear about all the funerals. We have one – one of my brother’s godfather’s – this week, but can’t make it because of work and timings. All my friends have pretty much had babies now – scarily, some of them have children who in a couple of years could be having kids!
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  7. Ah it sounds like a week of two halves happy and sad, I am sorry you have had a few losses but you are so right feeding people helps I am a feeder too, it must be a way to relieve stress x

  8. Food does help, it gives us something to give and receive. I’m sorry for your losses and sadness. Tremendous gelato photos, I hope someone tried the Honeycomb Crunch Swirl.

  9. What a difficult week for you, sending lots of love and hug. I love Ice-cream and it does make everything better. Hope you can enjoy your next few weeks and see you at the weekend xx

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