My little brothers on a lazy Saturday morning

After our good few days in Scotland, we all hit the ground running back to school and work. Our holidays are a bit different in these parts and we’ve already been back to school for the whole week. Everyone looked a bit weary this morning and we pretty much lazed about for hours and avoided doing anything productive (except start yet another load of laundry).

It’s so nice to just sometimes do nothing I find and it’s mainly after a good trip away we feel the crash and burn feeling. The toddler hasn’t been too well and I suspect he has some molars coming through. He’s hit 2 and a half and has started chattering non stop. His speech is slightly behind the curve but it looks like he’s finally starting to catch up and question everything around him, and then telling me how disgusting everything is. Which is lovely. He is a huge cuddler and it often means I have to give in to his demand and have couch time with him. This is probably why I feel like I’m forever doing laundry as it takes me all of eternity to actually do it!

His big brother is patient as ever with him and I sometimes wonder whether they show the typical older and younger sibling dynamic. He is the cool to the toddlers havoc and the calm to the toddlers impatient. Every so often fireworks fly when Z finally loses it, but on the whole they are chalk to each other’s cheese. Loving to be together, hating each other’s company and not being able to keep their hands to themselves. Together they have the ability to make me feel like the best mum on earth when they clamber into my lap all at once and then making me behave like Frau from Austen Powers, screeching at them every 30 minutes. I’ve been told I’ll probably get louder as the years go by.

15 thoughts on “My little brothers on a lazy Saturday morning”

  1. Ah, brothers. Our two fly between one extreme and the other – one moment every little thing one does winds the other one up, the next they are as thick as thieves. Siblings, eh?

  2. Sibling relationships are complex,and ever changing. Glad they tolerate each other most of the time.
    I know Minky and Spud are at the fighting stage with each other, and I often wonder of that is cos Bob licks on Minky, whothen has to pick on somebody smaller.
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  3. Boys always have such a physical relationship with each other. They poke and prod and jab. And you have captured this with your photos.

  4. They do seem to have grown a lot recently. They look so happy together. My two are like that. They are best of friends most of the time. Hope wee E is feeling better and back to school went ok x

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