Sunshiney evenings

The sun is out (hooray!!), for all of about two days (boo!), but we’ve been making the most of it and trying to cram in lots of trips out in the sunshine after work. It means bedtime has been thrown out the window a bit and routine is a bit messed up but it’s going to be raining again tomorrow so messed up days are worth it.

A close family member got rushed to hospital in an emergency yesterday and everything was a bit scary for a while. Thankfully they are doing well but it really does give you a sudden jolt. So bedtime was even later last night as we tried to calm everyone down and distract the boys. You would think the boys would sleep in after all the excitement. They have to be dragged out of bed on a weekday but, somehow, were up before 7am this morning. It’s nearly 6pm now and I could gladly go to bed right now.

16 thoughts on “Sunshiney evenings”

  1. We definitely have to make the most of the good weather while we can – who knows when it will ever return? Hope your family member is okay – things like this are always a real shock to the system.

  2. It has been nice having some sunshine. Children are funny creatures, as you know my oldest does not sleep in, but I don’t have to get up with him anymore, so that helps. I hope your relative gets out of hospital soon. Hugs xx

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