Breakfast and Ramadan

After trips out enjoying the sunshine and trips down south for work, it’s been very nice to just have a normal kind of week this week. We did manage to squeeze in 3 trips over two days to visit gorgeous newborn babies (how is EVERYONE having babies right now?) and then the rest of the week was nice and quiet.

I managed to meet Nisbah from Five Adventurers and Shamaila from Trips up and Trips out for breakfast and toddler E made himself at home by toddling straight up to the counter and asking for “ice cream peeese”. The charmed waitress was extremely lovely and obliging and I think he will now bank that little nugget of information for the next time we visit. He has cleverly learned that “please” and “sorry” will get you everywhere. How do they get so smart so quickly?

As it’s the start of Ramadan it meant the rest of the week was fairly quiet and a bit more toned down than usual. Obviously the kiddies don’t care and have been full on screaming and full of beans which can get a tiny bit tiring. The big family dinners are lovely though even with bouncy toddlers trying to “help” all evening long.

19 thoughts on “Breakfast and Ramadan”

  1. Kids learn how to manipulate adults so quickly, don’t they? In a similar vein, ours found that any attempt to speak in the native language when overseas inevitably earns a treat of some sort from kindly shopkeepers.

  2. Aww yes, who can say no to that face? lol They do learn to manipulate early on, don’t they? Such a gorgeous photo of wee E and it must be so hard when you are fasting.

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