Back to routine and getting ready for summer

Back to routine and getting ready for summer

We’re back into “normal” routine again this week in glorious sunshine and it feels slightly strange and lovely all at once. Our house is overloaded with sweet Eid goodies like coconut cakes, mini bakewells, lamingtons, pink cupcakes, and Aussie crunch. We’re making a valiant attempt to eat it all and, so far, we have been like heroes ploughing through it all. The thing with consecutive fasting for a period of time is that your stomach definitely shrinks and it means that it’ll take time to get back to proper portions again. It’s not a bad thing, just something we forget each year.

I was thinking about summer today and have realised how absolutely jam packed it is. We have a holiday coming up, then my baby nephews wedding, followed my sister in laws 40th, my birthday and then another wedding. I need to intersperse mad work stuff in there somehow and I think that already takes us into September. I also need to get some serious swimming lessons as I’m fed up of being a nervous bad swimmer and I need to brave contact lenses. I’ve found myself wanting to wear my “probably rarely for driving” glasses more and more and I think contacts would be a nice option to have every once in a while. I’m quite liking my nerdy Clark Kent specs for now so I may just become one of those serial glasses polishers. Time will tell!

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  1. Well done on getting through the celebratory Eid food! Your picture certainly makes it look very appealing indeed. What a busy summer you have planned. I think I’d better get on with it and get the weeks ahead planned myself. Good luck with the swimming.

  2. I think our summer will be he same Tas although life just seems so busy all the time, and go for it, do you know any good swimming teachers, Jo at swim school in Harle Syke is amazing if she is still doing it ?

  3. Well done on valiantly ploughing your way through all of those treats. You look great in your glasses! I’ve never been tempted by contact lenses, because I think I look better with glasses than without!
    It’s amazing how summer gets filled up, isn’t it? We were trying to find a weekend to visit our friends in Weymouth and I don’t think we have one spare, which is a shame.
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  4. The glasses really suit you in that style. I’m surprised how many bloggers don’t swim or aren’t confident swimmers. So many people (good swimmers or beginners) have said how useful a few lessons have been. I should probably try lessons for crawl, because mine is non existent and it would be nice to mix up a different stroke with breaststroke that I would usually do.

  5. The Eid goodies sound so good, delicious. Good luck swimming, I’m not great either. I wear glasses most of the time but do have contact lenses, but I’m so used to wearing glasses they don’t bother me. xx

  6. Never sure how you manage Ramadan, especially with the heat we have had, but well done for getting there and quite right to celebrate it.
    I have never fancied contact lenses myself, having worked in an ophthalmology ward and seen the amount of people admitted with infections caused by them then that has truly put me off.
    going anywhere nice for the holidays?

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