Eid Mubarak and Family selfies

Eid mubarak if you celebrated this weekend. It was the end of Ramadan on Thursday evening, which meant Eid was on Friday. It was a day of rushing about different families and catching up with all the cousins that we hadn’t seen for far too long. We pretty much bounced about house to house for the entirety of it and ate a bit too much. It’s a lot of fun and I love seeing everyone but you realise how tiring it is the day after, when you can hardly move and spend the day a bit grumpy and zombie-like.

I took my big camera back out and have realised that I’ve stopped taking as many photos as I used to (at least a hundred in one sitting). I’m not sure why really but I loved being trigger happy this weekend and I need to do it a lot more often. I’ve also realised we’ve not taken many family snaps together and I need to do that more often too. So that might be my mid year resolution, if there is such a thing.

This is one such snap we managed to take yesterday. It’s so hard getting the toddler to look at the camera. He is currently all over the place like the little wild child that he is and we managed to maybe two more like this, which is amazing for us! I think it’s going to be another quiet day for us tomorrow before we get back to routine again on Monday. And then not too long before the school holidays (hurrah!)

21 thoughts on “Eid Mubarak and Family selfies”

  1. A hectic time, much like Chinese New Year for us. I know what you mean about not using the big camera as much any more – I’m the same. I really must remember to take my camera bag with me more and not use my phone for everything. I have to admit, I’m really looking forward to the summer holidays already!

  2. That is such a gorgeous photo! I haven’t been taking many photos recently but as the boys get older it is almost impossible to get family photos as they take so many selfies but don’t like being in my photos! It sounds like you had a lovely time on Friday, it must be lovely to catch up with family x

  3. Eid Murabak. It does sound like a hectic, but fun, time you have had. I hope you get time to rest today. I love the photo of you all together x

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