Enjoying the Turkish sunshine

We’ve been enjoying the very nice hot weather this week, but not in England. We’re on holiday in Turkey at one of our favourite places. I find it a bit crazy myself when I realise it’s our fourth time in 6 years. I’m slightly hesitant every time we decide to come back. What if it’s not as nice anymore? What if it’s gone downhill? What if it’s filled with rude staff or guests this time? So far, so lucky. The regular staff always spot us and it’s so nice that they remember who we are. Well, they mainly get excited to see how the boys have grown. The boys are rarely as excited and stare back politely waiting to escape.

We’ve had a Facebook and Instagram blackout for a good few days and it’s been a bit weird but good to have some proper downtime. The beach is one of those places that makes me slow right down and just think. And think…and think.

Think about how the boys have grown, how they’re changing and how their personalities are developing so much. I have one show loving boy and one show hating boy. One food loving boy and one food hating boy. One very patient boy and one very impatient bout. One stop and admire the view boy and one totally in a rush to get somewhere boy. I’m not sure how we have two such polar opposites but, as my neighbour once said to me, “the fingers of one hand are not all the same”. Huh.

I’ve been admiring the many cultural and historical trips you can do from here but Ive decided we will save it for another year. The beach time is going to keep us busy for another few days before we head back and dive straight back into work and school. There are aqua parks to explore and ice creams to eat. And we shall valiantly try to eat all of them.

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  1. Having some online downtime is great! I never used to understand the appeal of going back to the same place until we had kids and realised the benefits of familiarity. It’s lovely that the locals recognise you from previous visits.

  2. So glad you’re having a relaxing time there. There’s definitely something to be said for familiarity on holiday. It’s amazing how two brothers can be such complete opposites, isn’t it? My boys are opposites too, with my daughter somewhere in the middle of them.
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Silent Sunday 1.7.18My Profile

  3. Hi Tas, it sounds like you are enjoying some good old family time together. Facebook & Instagram have done you a favour, it can be all too tempting to click on them to check them out only to wish you hadn’t… It is nice to see returning guests year in and year old. Faces do become familiar and it’s sad when suddenly people stop coming (more so for older people) as often we can only guess why… It’s good to be different, but sort of the same. Me and my sister are so alike, but also total opposites if that makes any sense. She’s a bit of a social butterfly, whereas I tend to avoid people, she couldn’t live here (too quiet) and I love it here, but we do have the same sense of humour and mannerisms.

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday and the ice creams.

    Debbie recently posted…Early Morning LightMy Profile

  4. I wish you the best of luck with all the ice cream 🙂 It is strange how two children from the same family can be so different. I have five kids and they all have different personalities, but they also have traits that are similar. Having polar opposites is not so common. Enjoy the rest of your break, it sounds fun and relaxing x

  5. Glad you’re enjoying it. I think I’d be worried about that too. I’ve never been one for going back to places (we did as kids using a family friend’s caravan in Norfolk for a few years), but we’re doing that this year for camping. We tried to find somewhere different in Devon/Cornwall but couldn’t find suitable campsites that would take groups. So we’re going back to Woolacombe because it has everything we loved. For the others they don’t care because they just want a nice beach and campsite, but we like to head out and about as well, so I need plenty of new places to visit.

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