The halfway point

We’re almost at the end of half term and it’s felt like it’s been a crazy week of juggling. We usually go away but it’s the first time we’ve stayed at home this year as it’s Ramadan. Lucky for us, the boys have enjoyed a lot of sunshine and park time and a lot of Grandma and Grandad time. They obviously don’t care we haven’t ventured out and part of me wonders whether we’re at the stage where we can leave the boys to have quality time with the grandparents whilst we run away and have a holiday for two. They never seem to look back when I drop them off so it could work. Hmmmm.

I did suddenly started having ideas about taking Z out of school in a few weeks time and how maybe, just maybe, we might be able to squeeze in a holiday before all the prices rocket for the summer period.

We’re just over the halfway mark for Ramadan now and it’s felt long and like it’s flying by all at once. The days do feel long when you have kids to entertain non-stop so I think I’m quite looking forward to school starting again where we’re back to a routine. I’ve also been forgetting to blog and take foodie shots for my instagram. It’s been nice to have the quiet down time so I think I’ll just enjoy it for another two weeks.

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  1. Kara spent a few days at her grandparents’ this week and loved it. The boys will be doing the same at the start of the summer holidays. I would never inflict all three of them on my poor parents at the same time though. I think it does them good to spend time away from us like that – they like the independence and the feeling of being trusted enough to go away for an extended time like this.

  2. I’ve always thought there is something appealing about Ramadan and your post certainly suggests it as you take things more slowly and probably get a bit more reflective. Anyway, hope you get a good holiday at some point.

  3. If they aren’t having nightmares or say they want mommy maybe they are old enough to stay with their grandparents and I bet everyone loves that.

  4. What a lovely photo of the boys. They are the cutest. Already more than halfway through Ramadan? It’s good that they don’t seem to mind the slower pace of life. xx

  5. Oh, my goodness, the thought of a holiday for two… stuff of dreams 🙂 Mind you, if we had any family around, I’d have definitely given that a go by now! A quiet break is nice sometimes, we did much the same during April vacation. Looking forward to venturing further afield in the summer though…
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