The last few days

We’re back to routine this week and it feels good to still have the very lovely sunshine. We’re all looking tanned and the boys are getting browner by the day. We’ve also booked our holiday (hurrah!) and let the school know we’ll be taking Z out in a few weeks. Thankfully, they were perfectly lovely about it. We’ll still be fined though, as are the rules, but C’est la vie.

It’s the last few days of Ramadan and I always wonder how it’s flown by so quickly, whilst realising I’m really tired by this stage. I’m a bit sad to see it go too. It’s the end of what I like to call our quiet down time and I’ve learnt I need a bit of a reset from time to time. It’s a nice time to reflect and look back on how you’ve changed from this time last year. Of course, there’s lots of the same same and then there are bits where you realise you probably need to do a bit better. Maybe I’ll write about it all once it’s over. We’ll mostly be panic buying clothes and presents over the next few days. Hopefully the sun hangs about!

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  1. A reset sounds like something I need at the moment. This sunny weather is gorgeous, it definitely makes everything seem better. Yay to the holiday, I hope you are going somewhere exciting

  2. You must be counting down the days. That said, I do like the concept of Ramadan. Here’s hoping we all get that sunshine you mention! Good luck buying the clothes and presents.

  3. oh yes, do write about it, I’d find it interesting. I hope the weather holds out for you and how exciting having your holiday booked.

  4. I hope it stays nice so you can get out and about in some more good weather. I’ll be panic buying some things for holidays soon too! #mysundayphoto

  5. That’s weird that they say it’s fine but then you still get fined. I don’t know how they do it at our school – my sister in law is taking her son out of school the last week of school. I’m not sure I’d want to unless I could persuade the OH to actually come away with us.

  6. A reset sounds like something needed at the moment. This sunny weather is gorgeous, it definitely makes everything better. That is very exciting about the holiday xx

  7. Hi Tas, Yay! for booking your holiday, that’s something nice to look forward to. It is a shame you’ll have to pay a fine, but rules are rules… I don’t know much about Ramadan apart from you can only eat after dark & before the sun rises? Is it meant as a time of reflection? I would be interested to know more.

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  8. The willpower required for Ramadan is something I’ve always been impressed with. As a lapsed Catholic I remember the struggle of just giving up something for Lent. Never mind nothing to eat or drink from dawn to dusk.

    Can’t beat a good family holiday. Hope you have a wonderful time.

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  9. I’ve never done fasting on a big scale, so not sure how it would work for me. Glad you find it a peaceful time, which gives you a chance to look back at your life and be philosophical about it.
    It’s a bit strange that the school says it’s OK, but still expects you to pay a fine.

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