Back from Turkey

We’ve had a really lovely week in the Turkish sun enjoying the hot weather and very nice food. We didn’t have much planned sight seeing wise but it worked out very nicely. We managed a trip to the very old town of Side to see new ancient Roman ruins that have been excavated. There’s a new see through walkway down one whole street which gives you a clear view of a Roman street. If you’ve ever been to the town then you’ll know that there is a beautiful Apollo’s temple about half a mile away. The walk is down a very wide street filled with little shops, cafes and restaurants and I wonder if that whole area has Roman and Greek ruins hiding underneath the concrete pavements . I’m not sure they’ll move the entire existing infrastructure as it brings in so much tourism but, with a beautiful harbour on site, it would make sense for past civilisations to set up houses and shops here.

Anyhoo, that is the most cultural thing we did all week. The rest of the time our routine consisted of flirting between the beach, the restaurant, the pool, and more food. And it was so good.

Lots of downtime to think and read and watch the boys play. I did dream of Pamukale and Cappadocia but that’ll have to be another time. The toddler accidentally learnt to tread water and build up his confidence a lot more so I think it might be time for lessons for both him and me.

I think when we look back at our time there it’ll be remembered as the holiday where the toddler learnt to swim. He has no fear right now and would just shout “I going bigger pool” and make a beeline for it. We’d have to run right behind him as he’d throw himself in and happily drink part of the pool, whilst bopping about all buoyant with his armbands.

As always, everyone we came across would get on first name terms with the boys very quickly and would always remark how “old” the names are. We have to settle for being “mum” and “dad” most of the time as no one is even remotely interested in what our names were. Not that we ever mind. Thankfully the hotel, staff and people were just as lovely as previous years so we’ve left with a feeling of wanting to back, one day.

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  1. Yuor pics certainly suggest a relaxing time…kind of. Can you ever relax entirely with kids by the pool? The stories of your little one dashing off and jumping in the big pool made me laugh. Just like our youngest, Izzy. I fear we decided very quickly she needed swimming lessons not because of alack of confidnece, but because she was too confident near water! Glad you had a good break.

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed your holiday, sometimes relaxing is the way to go! I love that your toddler did so well in the pool. xx

  3. HI Tas, it sounds like you have to have eyes in the back of your head at the moment! It sounds as if you had a wonderfully relaxed and carefree time in Turkey… I know that here in Greece building work is often halted for the discovery of new artefacts. With the Greece and Turkey not being the best of buds, it may be best that any Greek ruins are undiscovered until they are getting along better!

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  4. Sounds like you had an amazing time! I really want to go back to Turkey. Bee charmed everyone last time we went. Think she was around 18 months then.

  5. Such great photos. Looks like you had a great time. It is so difficult with a pool isn’t it and young kids. I’m always on edge. Does look fab though and they had a ball. xx

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