The start of the summer holidays

The school holidays have started. Hurrah!! And Arggggh!! I always really really look forward to the start of the school holidays and count down the last few days of very early get ups. Is it just me or is that last week extra hard and your bed extra comfy? There were days I could have gladly crawled straight back into it post-school run, if I didn’t have work.

So here we are at the start of 44 days off and it suddenly hit me. We have 0 plans for summer. Oops. And Arrrrgh. Having taken a holiday about two weeks ago it means I’ll be working a lot of the summer holidays and squeezing in days off here, there and everywhere. The boys don’t seem to mind and they’ve loved just lounging about for a couple of days and seeing brand new lovely babies. I have a brand new niece who I got to cuddle today, having cuddled her mum, my cousin, about 20 years ago when she was born. How surreal is that!

My only plan so far is to do the Manchester bee trail with the boys and find all 100 of them. They are scattered across the city centre and it’ll be so lovely to find them all. Maybe that’s all we really do interspersed with Park visits but I’m not too bothered as long as we have some nice sunshine. Both boys have energy enough to run an entire street and I think they’ll be more than happy to just run, and run, and run. Which is something I’ll be restarting soon too. Please stay sunshine!

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  1. Hi Tas, I remember looking forward to the school summer holidays, then about halfway through starting to look forward to them going back to school. The children here get 12 or more weeks off, which is far too long and it takes forever to get back into a school routine again. I’m sure your two will have a fab time just running and beeing (excuse the pun) and work may just help you to keep your sanity! #MySundayPhoto

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  2. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of fun things do to in the holidays. This is the first year in ages that we have a holiday to look forward too during the break. Like you, we generally start our Summer holidays chilled out because we’ve already been on holiday.
    The boys look very chilled in your photo, the view is very similar in my house at the moment.
    My nephew, who I used to babysit when I was younger, is now a grandad, now that is surreal. I don’t even have any grandkids myself. xx

  3. I think having no plans for the summer is a great thing – we have a few things here and there but I think it makes things a bit more exciting! Look forward to seeing what you get up to x

  4. We have no plans yet either because I have been so preoccupied with the move. MUST BOOK SOMETHING SOON! 😀 Have a lovely restful break (as much as you can anyway!) x

  5. Bee trail? Do you make like a bee and buzz or is the trail full of bees—I hope not. The Dad Blog was talking about a luxury coach that took them to the seaside and I thought I’d do something like that with my nephews if they were still kids. We’d always include swimming in the plans no matter what. Have a great vacation and try to get some guilt-free sleep in time.

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