When the summer holidays creep up

I think our holiday has completely thrown us. I got back all ready to get back into some good school and work routine before the big summer break and for us to get our heads down for a bit. I only realised yesterday that we only have one more week of school left till the big summer break, people are disappearing on holidays soon and its that time when you have to manically juggle childcare and work somehow for 6 long weeks. I’m in no way ready and I suddenly need to get organised. Argggh!

So, instead of doing anything productive, we pottered around Manchester today, had some nice food, saw Gareth Southgate posters everywhere and soaked up more sun. I’ll be honest and say I am really missing the rain. I think I must be some kind of indian vampire. Having been brought up in northern Lancashire, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen or felt this much sun or heat consistently and I’m craving cool breezes. (Friday was wonderful when we have rain for a whole 15 minutes!). I sound like a complete whinge bag about it but I think I’ve found my optimum temperature and it’s about 20 degrees. I’ve seen we have more rain forecast next week and I’m not so secretly delighted! Sorry.

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  1. I’m with you. This weather’s too hot and we’ve had no rain since half term thunderstorms. I think my optimum is 22-23C. Warm enough for just tops, but cool enough to actually walk round and do stuff without being a sweaty betty.

  2. You had rain for 15 minutes??? You are so lucky! I love the sun, absolutely love it but you can see the plants desperately need rain. Just a day or two and then back to sun, that would suite me. And yes, the summer holidays have crept up on me also. I’m panicking slightly as it happens! Your photos certainly suggest you had a great day in Manchester. Loving the one at the bottom in particular.

  3. Hi Tas, give me heat over the cold any day, which is probably why I was never in a rush to head back to the UK once I left! But be careful what you wish, once the rain starts it may not stop for the holidays. Love the photo of the street art (?) stepping stones. How fun.

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  4. I love the photos, it looks like a great evening. I beat you, my ideal temp is 23 degrees. I have enjoyed the sun and warmth, I have to admit it does make me feel a little better, but even so my feet are cold as ice.
    Good luck with the planning for the school holidays, I’ve been there in the past. Now, I just have the bother of sorting out what to do with them each day, knowing my three, they’d be quite happy sitting on their lap tops all day! xx

  5. You had rain? You lucky thing! None here for yonks. School hols seem to be creeping up far quicker than I’d like, I’m not feeling at all organised for it.. although I’m quite looking forward to not having to rush first thing in the morning!

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