Family weddings – When your nephew gets married

Remember when you were 10 years old and your much older cousin had a cute fat baby boy? I remember bouncing that cute fat baby boy on my knee and carrying him around the room on my hip every time they came up north to ours, or when we went down south to theirs. I remember taking him and his brothers, as teens, to see the 4th Indiana jones instalment (the rubbish one) and I remember going to theirs and commenting how much they’d shot up every time we saw them. He’s always been my sort of nephew and I am obviously a super cool auntie. So cool, that I’m pretty sure they don’t even call me auntie. That nephew of mine got married last weekend and it was a very nice, mad and surreal couple of days. My generation of siblings and cousins are no longer “the babies”. There’s a whole generation, or two, beneath us that are now settling down, finding partners, finding homes, finding their way.

It was surreal watching one of the babies get married and so lovely to see him so happy and ready to make that next step. It’s also surreal to realise I’m old(er) and wise(r…sort of). It wasn’t all dreamily gazing at the happy couple though. I forgot how mad toddlers can be and we basically had 48 hours of chasing him non stop around different venues. It’s currently like parenting a toddler version of the road runner. Of course time had made me completely forget that z was like this many years ago so I was somewhat unprepared for that bit of the wedding. At one point I even gave him my big camera to have five minutes of peace. So, on the plus side, I fully now remember to leave the two year old with a grandparent for the next wedding. And now both toddler and his big brother both love taking photos.

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  1. It must be strange seeing one of the babies of the family all grown up. The first ‘babies’ in our family to grow up will be my own kids as all the nieces and nephews are much younger.
    The boys look so smart. I bet E got a very interesting photo of the car!
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Silent Sunday 5.8.18My Profile

  2. OMG you’re the cool auntie too! My “Great Nephew turns 3 next week, and my eldest niece is getting married in September. MADNESS! Amazing photos! Love the one of little Z with the camera, in front of the wall. #MySundayPhoto

  3. oh that is truly awesome, you now have your own photographers! I let my kids take some of the imagery for my blog but I generally put the camera in sports mode and say”point it in that direction!”
    funny too reading about your nephew and the wedding. I know what you mean about getting older and no longer being the youngest generation of the family. That ship has sailed. Wishing your nephew and wife all the very best for the future.

  4. The boys look very smart for the weddings, but yes it must be a bit of a shock to see the next generation growing up. Our family have children much closer in age, so it won’t really be like that for me, but can’t believe my nephew is doing his GCSEs in the coming year.
    Erica Hughes recently posted…Week 31: 2018My Profile

  5. Hi Tas, you were very brave indeed handing your camera to a two-year-old! My toes curled as I looked at the photos. He did a good job with that photo of you and your other half, maybe he has a natural eye? Can you think how old you will feel when you are bouncing your nephews baby (if they have) on your knee?

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  6. What a great photo he took of you both, it’s really lovely. I love that he loves your camera, he obviously has a talent already.
    I certainly don’t miss those days of chasing my little ones around. It’s so much easier when they get older, and when they can entertain themselves. Not that I’d be able to chase them anymore now, in fact a lot of their care goes to their Daddy now, I just get the cuddles and nice bits 🙂

  7. Oh my gosh, those pictures of your little one with your camera – totally adorable. You had better be careful though, I reckon he might be claiming that for himself! 😀 x

  8. I’m the youngest of my cousins on my mums side, so i’d seen all of them marry while i was still very young, bizarre now that the next generation of cousins are getting married and that’s my kids

  9. Aww he’s like a mini you. That is so cute. I don’t have any siblings, but Robert has a sister, so I am guessing one day I will have that. I do have my big cousin who’s kid has had a kid, which was strange enough. That is lovely to watch the next generation get married. The weddings sound so much fun xx

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