Loving noodles

The boys love noodles. A lot! They’re obviously not the easiest of foods for children to eat, but it seems to be a favourite in our house. Having a long summer holiday, plus work to juggle means that I’m always trying to cram in some fun things on my days off and, as Monday was fairly rainy and dull, we decided a nice trip to the very nice and warm Trafford centre would be perfect. We were meant to go look for more bees in the city centre but I didn’t fancy chasing a mad toddler around in the wet weather, so a good walk and noodles it was!

Both boys always want a good go at chopsticks, and can never quite manage it, but always give it a good go. I’m still a bit wary about taking both boys out on my own as, well, anything could happen. Z is fine and will go with the flow but the toddler has reached the stage of no fear and darting off in a random direction. He’s also becoming averse to sitting in his buggy, which triples the effort and nerves it takes to take him out for the day. Lucky for me, he was on his best behaviour and extremely taken with a crayon filled toy bin he got given. Both behaved like impeccable little angels and there was only one meltdown when I refused to buy him a much needed toy pig which he had fallen in love with for all of two seconds. Thankfully, he forgot about it about a minute later. I think I may brave a solo bee trip this week now that I have a week off work (woohoo!)

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  1. it can be hard on your won with them. I use to find it difficult with the three of them when it came to toilet or nappy change as you had to haul all of them and the buggy etc with you.
    Great that they persevere with the chop sticks, who knows one day they might manage it
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  2. It’s great that they’re both adventurous enough to tackle noodles – it took a while with the boys for us to get there, although Kara was straight in at the first opportunity. I’m so glad we’ve emerged from the impatient flitting about stage – they’re pretty good in restaurants now and we don’t have to cringe quite as much as we used to!

  3. Now this is interesting. I took my kids to Wagamama about 18 months ago thinking they’d hate it. How wrong was I! We’ve become regulars and they absolutely love the noodles. Odd;y though, I haven’t taken them during the summer holidays. Maybe I should at some point?

  4. Lovely photos. I’m totally with the boys on loving noodles. Is that Pho?
    I know what you mean about taking the kids out on your own, I always worried about it and didn’t really do it until about five years ago! Then as soon as I’d mastered taking all three of them out, they started to opt out of going out with me anyway!
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Silent Sunday 19.8.18My Profile

  5. In my experience, all kids seem to love Wagamama! Grace went there recently (without me) and I hadn’t realised she had never been. Noodles are definitely one of my favourites too. It looks like they are enjoying tucking in 🙂

  6. Hi Tas, it’s wonderful when children surprise us, especially when we are on alert. I hope your solo bee trip goes just as smoothly… I’m rather partial to a nice noodle myself, your boys have good taste.

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  7. Noodles are so much fun and a great food for them to play around with. It does take time and yes, in restaurants it can be a bit difficult. They are wee stars though xx

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