Visiting Chanonry Point to see dolphins

We’re back in Scotland! A bit by last minute chance more than anything. We were looking to go away for a few days in England but everything was either extortionately priced, or was was fully booked up. And as we’re pretty last minute at finding anything, things weren’t looking so great. Then we had a little brain wave and thought about Scotland. As the Scottish kids would be back to school, everything there would be a lot more reasonably priced (if we avoided Edinburgh’s fringe festival), so we decided to head up north to Inverness, as we didn’t quite make it last time we came.

And it’s been a really lovely few days. We popped into Perth, went through the Cairngorms, onto the wildlife park and are now in Inverness for a couple more days, doing little day trips out. I think I underestimated this whole area as we could easily stay here for a week and have something to do every day. Alas, I guess it means we’ll have to come back again sometime soon and see even more of it.

Chanonry Point has been one of my most favourite bits so far. It’s a popular dolphin sighting point and we spent about an hour sat about waiting for dolphins today, to no avail. We did succeed in telling the boys off approximately 37 times in that hour and regretted not bringing a picnic with us. If you ever happen to visit then take some food with you! We gave up after an hour having taken a lot of photos of this beautiful light house and bundled everyone back into the car again to move onto the next place. It was then that a boat sailed past in the distance, promptly followed by a handful of dolphins wanting a bit of a play. So we all clambered back out of the car and spent and hour watching them swim back and forth. They were a bit too far to capture on my iPhone but I do have a couple of good..ish shots on my big camera. Zooming in, you could see they were bottle nosed dolphins and they kindly hung around for everyone to snap away for a while. It’s the third time ever I’ve seen dolphins and I was so happy to add “Scottish dolphins” to my list. I keep suggesting we should “pop by” tomorrow but given we need to cram in a couple more things, we may have to settle for our fleeting sighting. This time. The highlight for the boys was finding huge rocks. To be little again.

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  1. You thought about England, went to Scotland….and later this week I’m off to Wales! I’ve never heard of Chanonry point but it looks very photogenic. The sky looks amazing too. Great shot. Alas, we don’t every get as far as Inverness but who knows, maybe one day we’ll get to visit. #mysundayphoto

  2. Chanonry Point is one of my quirkier ‘must see’ places in Scotland. We discovered it when staying at the nearby village of Rosemarkie. Every evening we walked out to the point and saw dolphins, feeling almost close enough to touch!

  3. HI Tas, it sounds like your quick thinking paid off and you enjoyed your break away. I would never have associated Scotland with dolphin spotting, I would imagine the water was too chilly, so that’s something new I’ve learned today.


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  4. Perthshire has lots of things to see so yes easily a week there and I’d love to explore a bit further north too like you. I’ve been to Aberdeen and onto Cairngorm (with the train), but I feel I’ve only seen a little bit of what it has to offer.
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  5. How special to see them. We booked last minute too for the upcoming week. N wanted to bodyboard and the OH is coming too, so we’re heading to Decon, which is extortionate, and couldn’t get a small cottage so ended up with a house which is costing a fortune. Wish I’d been stubborn and said Suffolk instead, but at least there’ll be more to do where we’re going than there. Hoping it’s not totally rammed everywhere.

  6. It is such a beautiful country, glad you got to come out and the weather wasn’t too bad. So pleased you go to see the dolphins. It is strange that it is so different holiday-wise, but that is why we come down south early on in the summer. Cheaper and quieter. x

  7. Good to know you ended upstill seeing them and it is a good idea to go there with a picnic since there is no exact time the dolphins come around. And the thing I would suggest is probably to carry some lightweight binos along to enable you to have a full view of the dolphins even if they are far.

  8. followed by a handful of dolphins wanting a bit of a play. So we all clambered back out of the car and spent and hour watching them swim back and forth. the blog is really an amazing one and those which got to know about thye best blogs and activities in blog

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