Dunrobin castle in the Scottish highlands

We’ve been back from Scotland a good few days now and I still haven’t written anything up on the blog properly. I really really will do it as the journey around more of the highlands was so much fun. We managed to cover a fair chunk around Inverness and I was so surprised at how scenic it all was. I’ve always known it’s a stunning place, but it really is something worth seeing and travelling for. We managed to do Aviemore, bits of the Cairngorms, Kingussie, Inverness, Cromarty Firth and Golspie. I realised later that the North 500 route covers bits of that and I can see why so many go back repeatedly. I am now one of those people and my family always jokingly ask if I intend on coming back whenever we go.

On the day we popped into Chanonry Point to see dolphins, I did a quick google for castles in the area and we found there was a very pretty looking one at Golspie which was about an hour north of Inverness. It’s one of the most northerly grand houses and is designed like a French chateau. If you like castles and national trust properties, then this is really worth a visit. It is so beautiful and is still inhabited to this day. The castle boasts hundreds of antique and valuable artefacts throughout, and you can wander about admiring it all.

As is typical of castles, it is steeped in history and is so interesting for those that like to indulge in Scottish history. One word of warning though, it is not buggy or toddler friendly. We had to check our stroller into the cloak room as there at no lifts and limited space in some areas (such as the spiral staircases). It means we had a very excitable toddler to control and it was all going really well till we let go of him for about 2 seconds. He promptly legged it under the rope guards through to no entry zones. He then proceeded to have a massive tantrum on the expensive antique floors when we wouldn’t let him limbo under any more rope. I don’t think I’ve ever felt my heart race so quickly and we finished the castle tour at lightning speed and visited the equally gorgeous, but safe, gardens.

The little angel toddler reverted back to his happy self and we all calmed down a bit. Still, it was worth seeing the most northerly Scottish castle in the highlands.

22 thoughts on “Dunrobin castle in the Scottish highlands”

  1. Oh I do love the concept of a buggy friendly castle! great images but I have to ask, how did you get so much blue sky in Scotland? Doesn’t happen when I visit! Great shots of a part of Scotland I have never visited. #mysundayphoto

  2. That looks amazing. Loving those gardens. Sounds like it was a good trip. Do you stay in one place and travel out, or book as you go/in advance along your route?

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