Happy 3rd Birthday E

Our littlest man turns 3 on Monday and we’ve spent the weekend eating a lot of cake and celebrating his birthday. If the weather holds then I think we might hit some big fields for some wild running about. After all, that is the one thing toddlers love to do, isn’t it? Usually in some random direction that’s the opposite of wherever it is we’re heading.

Our little E is our miracle baby and came as a massive shock. And he’s continued to keeps us on our toes for all of the 3 years he’s been with us. He is the firecracker to his big brothers calm coolness and the tantrum king to Zs placid amenable nature. He knows his own mind and we must remind him at least 3 times a day of how “your brother was never like this”.

Our determined chatterbox has now come out of his shy shell and will chat to any pleasant looking stranger that crosses his path. It means we have to stop a lot when we’re outdoors so that he can acquaint himself with yet another random adult. It’s tiring and lovely all at once. His inquisitive nature makes him take apart brand new toys very quickly to see what’s inside and how it works, which is endearing, until he reports “oh it’s broken mummy, we need a new one”. We are currently on new toy strike.

He is happiest when he’s got all his family around him and when he’s off out with them on some adventure, usually involving the park or the beach; anywhere outdoors really. He will point out to anyone that Z is “his”, being all protective and sweet, whilst promptly trying to scrap with him about 30 seconds later. Life is not dull with our littlest man and I’m already wondering how he’ll keep us entertained (and exhausted) over the next year. Happy Birthday E!

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  1. Time really does go so fast. Happy birthday E and hope he has the best day. I remember feeling the same about my two boys and how they are totally different. I expected little clones. He is such a character though xx

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