Starting Year 3

Do you ever wonder what the heck you’ve done this week? Mainly as you can’t remember any of it? You look through your photos, convinced you’ve not taken any, and then realise your first born started Year 3 at school, and you worked late nights most nights trying to prepare for the big work thing coming up. Oh yeah.

So Z went back to school this week and we held our breaths hoping he’d like his new teacher. It’s the first time he’s had a male teacher and, as he was so besotted with his Year 2 teacher, we were worried he wouldn’t take to this change too well. Lucky for us he’s liking him so far but isn’t too enamoured with all the construction work that’s blocking some of the playground. He’s also decided he wants packed lunches from now on. Deep joy.

I love scrolling through everyone’s first day school pics and it always makes me think of how my own Little Z has grown and changed. He’s now up to my shoulders, and shows no signs of filling out. I think I’ve accepted he’s going to be much taller than me soon and he likes to remind me of it. He still thinks memorising everything is a shortcut so it’s a little blessing for multiplication tables and spellings, at least. He drives us crazy with all his new dances and he’s incapable of walking in a normal straight line. I believe most of them are fortnite related but i cannot wait till this trend passes. Besides carrying out countless dance moves, his other new passion is making sure his hair is just right. He now has to check his reflection in my phone just before he goes into class. Starting the day just right with perfectly gelled hair is very important.

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  1. Ha, our kids are forever flossing and doing various other dances from Fortnite that I can’t name. (And they don’t even play it!) Plus Strictly is back, so our living room will be transformed into a ballroom every Saturday night for the next three months. Isaac is now taller than his Grandma and only 2 or 3 inches shy of his mum, so he’s destined to be taller than me for sure. And Kara doesn’t walk anywhere any more – she cartwheels. It’s been both a shame and a relief to send them all back to school this week.

  2. I can’t believe he’s in year 3 already. Where has that time gone? Love that he has to check his reflection in your phone before going to class and glad that he’s happy with his male teacher! There was a lot of male teachers at my kids’ primary, but somehow my daughter avoided having one until year 6. He was definitely one of her favourite teachers.
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  3. I’ve spent the last 12 years making packed lunch for school and this is the first year I’m off the hook. No more. They are eating at school. Glad Z likes his new teacher. Makes all the difference. Smiling at the idea of him looking in your phone before he goes into class. It could be worse. #MySundayPhoto

  4. Year three is such a great year, I hope Z has a lovely time and I’m sure he’ll get used to his new teacher. His hair looks good 🙂

  5. Can’t believe they’re in year 3 already! And it seems such a big jump being in KS2 as well. N has a male teacher again (they used to have 50% male teachers, but the other left this summer to be a head elsewhere) and this one is reputed to be very laidback. I’m hoping they’ll get to do proper sport this year instead of lots of gym and dance because this teacher loves his sport. Hope it goes well for Z (wish N would like memorising things, it’s hard work for him as he gets bored halfway through)

  6. I have accepted the fact too that my son is going to be taller than me sooner rather than later and in some ways I am scared of that idea! Is he still going to listen to me? Am I still going to be respected?

    And snap! because we are both talking about gelled hair in our #mysundayphoto =P
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  7. Oh my boys are forever flossing and doing the hype and all the other crazy dances from Fortnite. Drives me nuts. If only my oldest would grow some more. I am sure he will. Hope he has a great year xx

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