The toddler and me day on the farm

I guess we all find that we spend a lot less quality one on one time with our second child than we do our first born. Everything the second time has to be shared and juggled and managed between the both of them. So when we were invited to a toddler birthday party on a farm last weekend, I suddenly realised this would be “our day”. Our toddler E absolutely loves babies and animals of all shapes and sizes so I knew he’d love it. I was just slightly concerned about how much of an attempted squeezing the babies would get from him.

I didn’t have to worry much as he was terrified of the very keen looking fat lambs that wanted a feed, and was super gentle with the baby llamas (HOW cute are those?! So cute that I couldn’t stop touching them and forgot to take a picture). He sat almost still for quite some time, whilst he farm helpers brought around owls, and baby chicks and baby rabbits. I’ve never been to an open farm before but I think it’s just as much fun for adults as it is for kids, and such a clever idea to host birthday parties. The sunshine made it all the better and the toddler decided he would be brave and have his very first ride on a donkey. There was a short ice cream demanding tantrum episode but he eventually forgot about it when I promised him some cake and juice. A very nice chilled out day and I think the start of a few more just me and him outings together.

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  1. I find I have lots of time with my youngest but I think that is because there is a big age gap and she is a girl, so maybe she likes doing things with me more than the boys do but I do get that it can be hard sometimes to split yourself in two. It sounds like you had a really lovely day and I love the photos.

  2. Lovely selection of photos and doesn’t he look confident on the donkey? And yes, it is incredibly difficult to give child 2 more attention or spend as much one on one time with them as the first. goodness knows what happens when you have more than two! Glad you enjoyed your time on the farm. #mysundayphoto

  3. What a lovely day out and such lovely photos. Baby Llamas are cute I agree, we met two when we were on holiday, Sven and Olaf. See, I even remember their names 🙂 I love that your boy had a donkey ride, he looks super happy up there. x

  4. Hi Tas, what a great place for a toddler party! Second children tend not to get so much time, so it is nice to find an excuse for a special bonding session, even if it is at a birthday party. I love the photo of E sat proudly on the donkey. He looks well chuffed.

    #MySundayPhoto x
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