A day in Alton Towers

We’ve spent the week juggling work and half term holidays. It’s flown by, as per usual, and we decided to nip to Alton Towers on one of the sunnier days.

I used to go every single year from school back when Nemesis and Oblivion were the brand new white knuckle rides, and when running about to different rollercoasters didn’t make me feel ill. I then hit 27 and remember Air making me feel really queasy. A few years on and I was happy just spending a lot of time in CBeebies land and wandering about the tamer rides. Alton Towers is a completely different place to be when you have little ones. We realised very quickly we weren’t going to be able to run about all the rides and realised there isn’t actually that much for kids if they’re a bit too old for CBeebies land and a bit too young for the big rollercoasters. We got lucky with the weather though so it was a good day for the boys to run about ( but wow was it cold!). It’s definitely getting to gloves and scarves weather and I’m ready to just walk about in big fat layers for a few months now.

The kids had a brilliant time and their big scarefest event kept them giggling right through to late evening. They had everything from scary clowns to the reaper walking about and the castle was haunted for the night with creepy ballroom dancing skeletons. If you’re into Halloween in a big way then Alton Towers might be perfect for you

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  1. Hi Tas, I remember a time I loved the thrill of a white-knuckle ride. Now just the thought makes my toes curl in terror! It looks like the boys had a spooky time at Alton towers and that top photo would be enough to keep me awake at night.


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  2. Wow, you clearly know Alton Towers well and your pics make it look like a great location. Went once with college friends but it scared hte life out of me! I don’t mix well with rollercoasters. Half-term flying by in a blur? Yes, same here!

  3. I find the same with N, too old but too young for other rides. I used to also go with school and loved the scary rides, but now they don’t appeal so much. Must be a motherhood thing

  4. Even though I go on hardly any rides when we go to Alton Towers, I love visiting at this time of year. Looks like you picked a beautiful day to visit, though I can imagine it was cold. We went last year for Scarefest, and Katie was over the moon as she had hit the all important 1.4 metres and she could ride the scary rides in the dark. Thankfully her dad is a big kid still lol x

  5. We went to Alton Towers a few years back..eldest was too old for Cbeebies land but then couldn’t go on some of the bigger roller coasters due to her height..even though she wanted to! She even goes on rides alone as I get headaches now when we go on them. Need to take her back to Alton Towers soon as she would be able to go on the rides now.
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