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We all went back to school and work this week and it’s been a massive shock to the system. There were tears (not mine) and some tantrums (some mine), but we managed to get through the first week ok. The toddler is going to start nursery in a few weeks and I feel slightly panicked about letting my baby out of his little comfort zone. I am sure he will love it as he talks non stop (he’s taken to telling me about his dreams about 3am when he’s woken from them. It was very cute the first time he did it. It’s happened about 4 times since then). There’s that natural big pang though that’s making me wonder whether to hold him back a bit longer, maybe until Easter?

All of a sudden we’ve had two big weddings thrown into the year and, if you count big birthdays and holidays, then it feels like most of the year has been planned out already. Not that I mind. I quite like having something to look forward to, and a close family wedding is always very lovely. It’s going to be a few months of looking at dresses and food and place settings so it feels very exciting.

In the meantime it’s feels like we’re just about waking up properly from hibernation and getting back to life. It is so good to get back to routine again but wouldn’t it be lovely if January was a phased transition to school and work?

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  1. Aww, starting the nursery is often tough for both kids and Mums. I remember that time, it took us a while to settle in, but then it was a positive experience overall, and prepares them for school, which is a total wild jungle.
    Looks like you have so many events coming this year. Glad you’re excited about the family weddings.
    The cakes look scrumptious, hope you had some. And the Tiffany (?) lamps look lovely too.

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