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These are some of our favourite reviews we’ve done to date.  If you’d like us to review something that is appropriate to us (fun or delicious for me, pregnant or otherwise, or a 4 year old boy) then please get in touch. (See the Contact Me Page).

Things You Should Know About a Furby Boom
This is one our most popular reviews ever and, surprisingly, usually gets read the most on Christmas Day. Read all about what you really should know about a Furby Boom and why I’m quite glad it can’t really walk up the stairs. Maybe one day they might create one. Eek!

Things you should know about a Furby Boom

UGG Boots
I’ve always been a bit dubious about UGG boots – they look gorgeous but I’ve never been too sure about the cost. I was lucky enough to review a pair and have since been living in them for a good couple of years now. They seem to last forever!! One day, many years from now I will need to replace them and will probably do it in an instant.


Christy Bed Linen
I knew Christy did very nice towels that are very famous but I had no idea they did bed linen. We reviewed a gorgeous set which we fell in love with. A stylish and contemporary grey colour now lives on our bed and simply gets washed and put straight back on again.


Clarks Originals – A Review and Giveaway
I’ve always found it a bit hard to buy shoes for Little Z. Having a boy that absolutely loves rough and tumble its always a bit difficult to find hard wearing comfortable shoes that will at least last a good few months. We opted for a very beautiful pair of brown lace boots and they were so comfortable. Wearable with both smart and casual outfits it was a bit of a hit with him and they actually lasted a very long time too.

Clarks Originals 5

When Zoomer came to live with us
Zoomer is a robot puppy that came to live with us. Its ideal for a 3 year old and upwards and perfect for little children that would love a a “pet”. The very best thing is that he doesn’t need batteries and can be charged with a USB cable. We had a lot of fun trying to teach him how to perform various tricks.

Zoomer 1

Dormeo Silver Plus XL Mattress

We were sent an extremely comfortable mattress to try. The Italian design and sanitised silver protection were impressive and we found it a very good mattress to sleep on. Read all about the features we discovered.


Bunnykins Royal Doulton Feeding Bowl and Spoon

One our our favourite reviews to date. A very lovely and sturdy Royal Doulton feeding bowl and spoon from the Bunnykins range.

Bunnykins Bowl

Cottage Croquet Set In a Bag – For Big Game Hunters

A review of a compact beautiful croquet set in a bag. Read our review on a very beautiful potential gift for families that would like a slightly different game to play outdoors.


Morphy Richards Slow Cooker
A very nice slow cooker for anyone that has no time but loves a good home cooked meal. So easy to use for anyone that likes to just chuck everything in a pot and hope for the best!

Morphy Richards Slow Cooker

Arbonne Make Up

I’m not a big make up fan and tend to go without mostly. These little products were nice though, and the Olive Green eye liner was something that I really ended up liking. Yep – Olive Green!

Arbonne Make Up

Plum Oaty Chomps

Where I ran around after Baby Z to get him to try Plum snack bars.  Took me a while to get him to try them but he did seem pleased by the end!



The Anchor Butter Giveaway

To celebrate 125 years of Anchor we did our first giveaway for 6 people who won a whole host of anchor memorabilia. 



Fly Thomas Cook Kids Club

Fly Thomas Cook Kids Club provides entertainment for your little ones for wherever you may be travelling to. The site is designed well and very attractive to children and has a number of games and fun educational flash cards you can download for free.


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